Twitter Fail: Jason Biggs Apologizes for Malaysian Airline Tweet

Jason Biggs is catching flak over a Tweet about the Malaysian Airline flight that went down on Thursday and has apologized for it. More 

FB News: Facebook Tests New ‘Buy’ Button

Facebook is testing a "Buy" button that allows users to make purchases through ads without ever leaving the social media website. More 

How to Invest in IPOs via Mutual Funds and ETFs

It's difficult to learn how to invest in IPOs. However, some mutual funds and ETFs give investors entry to new issues like the Alibaba IPO. More 

TWTR: Twitter Pressured to Release Workforce Diversity Report

Twitter is being pressured into releasing a report of the diversity in its workforce following similar ones put out by Facebook and Google. More 

TWTR: Former Twitter Employee Sues for Age Discrimination

Peter Taylor, a former Twitter employee, is suing the social media company for alleged age discrimination that caused him to lose his job. More 

Tencent Aims High in China E-Commerce

Tencent's new WeChat advertising platform will be another boost to its bottom line, and another reason to own TCEHY. More 

TSLA: Tesla Confirms Model 3 Is Coming in 2017

Tesla has confirmed that the Model 3, which will cost $32,000, will be coming in 2017 and that it will compete against the BMW 3 Series. More 

Apple May Be Considering Former WH Press Secretary for AAPL PR Chief

Apple may be considering former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney as its new PR Chief, but it's not really clear it it is. More 

Google Glass Price: Is Exclusivity Killing GOOG’s High-Tech Specs?

The price of Google Glass has turned the public against it, opening the door for competitors to swoop in and steal the spotlight. More 

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Twitter Counter has collected a list of the 100 Twitter accounts with the most followers and we look at the top 25 from that list. More