TSLA: Tesla Confirms Model 3 Is Coming in 2017

Tesla has confirmed that the Model 3, which will cost $32,000, will be coming in 2017 and that it will compete against the BMW 3 Series. More 

Apple May Be Considering Former WH Press Secretary for AAPL PR Chief

Apple may be considering former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney as its new PR Chief, but it's not really clear it it is. More 

Google Glass Price: Is Exclusivity Killing GOOG’s High-Tech Specs?

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TapTalk: 5 Things to Know About the New Ashton Kutcher-Endorsed App

Ashton Kutcher recently endorsed a new app called TapTalk, which allows users to send photos and videos to each other, via Tiwtter. More 

TWTR: Author David Mitchell to Publish New Story on Twitter

David Mitchell, author of 'Cloud Atlas', is releasing a new short story on Twitter that takes place in the same world as 'The Bone Clocks'. More 

The No. 3 Most Followed World Leader on Twitter May Surprise You

The world's third most followed Twitter user is India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is also the most followed Asian leader on Twitter. More 

FB News: Facebook High School Interns Earn $6,000+ a Month!

High School interns working at Facebook over the summer are making over $6,000 a month, which is more than the national average. More 

5 Big-Name Stocks to Sell Now

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TWTR Study: Twitter Is Bad for Your Relationship

A new study claims that Twitter can be bad for a relationship if the couple uses the social media website as a platforming for arguing. More