Report: Staten Island Clown Sightings Point to Hoax

The Staten Island clown that has been sighted by four different people, who all work for the same movie studio, may actually be part of a hoax. More 

KING IPO Goes Sour For ‘Candy Crush Saga’ Maker

The King IPO gets off to a tough start. More 

ZNGA: Zynga Stock Sells Off Following KING IPO

ZNGA shares dropped after the IPO for Candy Crush-maker King Digital Entertainment saw KING shares fall on their first day of trading. More 

Twitter Fights Back Over Turkey Block

Twitter is taking action in Turkish courts to contest rulings that led to the Turkish government blocking the service in the country.: More 

Is The Netflix Pullback a Reason For Investors to Worry?

Shares of Netflix are down almost 20% from their highs, and even now valuations are high. Is this a natural sell down, or reason for concern? What do you think? More 

PHOTO: See Dwayne Johnson (AKA The Rock) as Hercules

Dwayne Johnson --a.k.a The Rock-- showed off the first photo as him as Hercules in the upcoming film, 'Hercules: The Thracian Wars', on Monday. More 

Alcohol & Cocktails: Top Trends for 2014

Fruit-flavored margaritas and martinis, whiskey and gin are among the alcohol-based drinks trending strongly this year. More 

Twitter May Phase Out #Hashtags, @Replies

Twitter may changing things up by getting rid of hashtags and @replies. The network is thinking about making things easier for its users. More 

9 Things We Hate That Are Broken On Twitter

Twitter is trying to make itself easier to use, but right now we're identifying all the things that are broken on Twitter. Do you have any other issues? More 

Kate Upton Is New Face of Bobbi Brown

Kate Upton was announced as the new face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics on Friday and the two have already released a campaign picture. More