Twitter Tests Feature to Explain Popular TWTR Hashtags

Twitter is testing out a new feature on its mobile app for iPhone that explains the meanings of popular hashtags when searched. More 

TWTR News: Twitter Buys Password Security Startup Mitro Labs

Twitter has acquired password security startup Mitro Labs for an undisclosed amount and will move the team to its New York location. More 

World Cup Winners & Losers This Earnings Season

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TWTR News: Sharknado 2 Takes Over Twitter

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TWTR: Twitter Buys Image Search Startup Madbits

Twitter purchased image-search startup Madbits for an undisclosed amount of money on Wednesday possibly to boost its image features. More 

LinkedIn Earnings – Is More Pain Ahead for LNKD Stock?

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Sprint Customers Turn to Twitter to Add Strangers to Their ‘Framily’

Sprint members are looking to add people to their Framily plans through social media websites, such as Twitter, in search of lower bills. More 

How to Trade Twitter Stock After Earnings (TWTR)

Twitter stock is down by around 40% year to date, but is trading in a tight range heading into earnings. This could mean opportunity in TWTR. More