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SBUX: Starbucks to Relocate European HQ After Tax Spat

Starbucks will move its European headquarters from Amsterdam to London to boost its U.K. corporate tax bill. SBUX stock climbed on the news. More 

Could Google Glass Aid People With Parkinson’s Symptoms?

British researchers are studying how Google Glass could assist those afflicted by Parkinson's disease, helping to increase mobility and track symptoms. More 

VIRAL VIDEO: Speeding $400K Lamborghini Aventador Crashes Into 2 Cars

A video posted on YouTube shows an accident in which a pricey Lamborghini Aventador smashes into two cars on a London street. More 

Study: Researchers Prove the 5-Second Rule Is Real

British researchers say that a study of food dropped on the floor and checked for bacteria shows some support for the so-called 5-second rule. More 

Study: James Bond’s Likely Demise? Death by Alcohol

Two British physicians have reviewed the 14 James Bond novels and say the spy could die an early death from alcohol over-consumption. More 

High-Sodium Meds Pose Several Health Risks

British researchers who tracked more than a million U.K. patients say that drugs with high sodium levels are associated with severe complications. More 

Google, Microsoft to Block Child Porn Searches

Google and Microsoft will boost the screening of child porn terms on their Internet search engines to block online predators from obtaining illegal content. More