United Kingdom

Note to Self: Don’t Take Horse Into McDonald’s

A McDonald’s (MCD) in the United Kingdom recently received some unwelcome hoof traffic. The restaurant in Greater Manchester saw what is almost certainly is first equine visitor when a patron, who had been declined service while on horseback at the drive-thru window on Saturday, brought her horse into the restaurant, the BBC notes. McDonald’s said... More 

UK Set to Legalize Gay Marriage

After passage by the House of Commons, a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in England and Wales awaits Queen Elizabeth's approval. More 

Surprise! JK Rowling Is True Author of New Detective Novel

A British newspaper has outed JK Rowling as the author of a critically acclaimed mystery novel published under the pen name Robert Galbraith. More 

American Eagle Outfitters to Head Across the Pond

American Eagle Outfitters has met with London landlords as it plans to open its first stores in the United Kingdom. More 

Halftime Report for Global Markets: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

Worried about the S&P 500's recent volatility? Well, if you look at the prospects of the rest of the world's stock markets, America might be the 'least bad' option. More 

Famous Nude Beach to Ban … Nudists

Nudists have been banned from the Britain's Holkham beach after a series of public sexual incidents were reported to police. More 

One Baby Could Help Entire Country’s Economy

The upcoming birth of Prince William's son could provide an boost to Britain's struggling economy as the nation prepares to celebrate the event. More