Urban Outfitters Pulls Offensive ‘Depression’ Tee

Urban Outfitters has pulled a shirt after getting flak over its design. The pulled shirt was white and covered in the word "Depression." More 

Oops! New Kate Spade Bag Has Unfortunate Design

A new handbag from Kate Spade is accidentally showing support for the Ugandan terrorist and warlord Joseph Kony. More 

Urban Outfitters to Build Mini Town

Urban Outfitters has announced plans to build a miniature town -- what company execs are calling a "lifestyle experience." More 

Holiday Retail Sales: A Mixed Forecast

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Why Did Urban Outfitters Just Apply for a Liquor License?

An Urban Outfitters that is under construction in Brooklyn has applied for a liquor license. The store is one of 106 applicants applying for a license. More 

Marc Jacobs Pulls Shirt Over Link to Controversial Group

Marc Jacobs is pulling one of its t-shirts after the brand realized the resemblance between the shirt and a white power rock band. More 

Apple Falls Flat: Tuesday’s IP Market Recap

Apple's launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C didn't go over well with investors, but the broader markets headed higher as Syrian tensions eased. More