Squeeze Profits From Oil With Strangles

On the heels of the downturn in oil, implied volatility for United States Oil Fund options has risen to its highest levels of the year. Play this rich volatility with a short strangle. More 

Don’t Expect Summer Driving to Get Much Cheaper

Oil prices are being supported by technical levels and an overbought dollar. Combine that with seasonality, and all signs point north for gas prices in the months ahead. More 

Volatility Strikes Back, Opens Opportunity in Oil Fund

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Game the Dollar’s Demise With Oil Puts

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What Happens If Hugo Chavez Croaks?

Should the Venezuelan president's health take a fatal turn for the worse, you should keep one eye on Cuba and global oil prices ... but you probably don't need two. More 

Profit Amid Crude’s Awakening

2012 was downright shoddy for oil, though it has been more constructive of late. Let's follow up the success of our last successful USO fly with another. More 

Trade of the Day: Take-Two Interactive Software (TTWO)

Our indicators are showing a more bullish, risk-on market ahead. Take advantage with these cheap 50-cent calls. More