Hope for Emerging Markets? Not Yet. (EEM)

The U.S. dollar will continue to hamper emerging markets, which combined with a weak chart for iShares' EEM ETF sets up a trade for bearish investors. More 

The Markets Know What The Analysts And Economists Don’t

Markets seem to know what economists seem to miss: the heading and direction of the markets. Keep an eye on those markets as you view your portfolio. More 

Stocks Rise as Fed Looks to September

Stocks mostly raced forward Wednesday, partially riding the strength of an energy resurgence. However, Internet stocks Twitter and Yelp were absent from the rally. More 

Buy Small-Cap Stocks to Ease the Q2 Earnings Slump

Small-cap ETFs can stave off the blues during what is expected to be a terribly depressing earnings season. More 

All Hail King Dollar! (UUP)

Last year's breakout move by the U.S. dollar looks to be a structural trend that could see the UUP ETF trend even higher from here. More 

Make a Play on the Mighty U.S. Dollar (UUP)

After a couple months' worth of consolidation, the dollar index (and thus the UUP ETF) looks ready to resume its incline. More 

Clouds Gather, but Dollar Remains Key for Now

Movement in the greenback will largely determine the near-to-medium-term outcome for stocks. More