Where to Turn When the Dollar is Strong

Tensions in the Eurozone and Asia have increased demand for the U.S. dollar--but that's usually not a good sign for U.S. stocks. I'll explain which sectors to favor and which to avoid. More 

Trade of the Day: Pitney Bowes (PBI)

The indexes look like they're ready to pause to refresh--but until they reach certain levels, keep your options trading tilted toward calls. Here's one inexpensive option in a familiar name. More 

3 Defensive ETFs to Watch This Week

With recent market events, it's time to begin your defense plays. 3 trades in IWM, UUP and TLT will get you started. More 

Don’t Expect Summer Driving to Get Much Cheaper

Oil prices are being supported by technical levels and an overbought dollar. Combine that with seasonality, and all signs point north for gas prices in the months ahead. More 

Trade of the Day: Yahoo (YHOO)

My indicators remain bullish, but I recommend treading carefully with such political uncertainty. Use puts and calls in equal proportion to hedge. More 

Trade of the Day: Atlantic Power Corp. (AT)

Step up your put buying for portfolio insurance and also to profit if the indexes breach key support levels with this option under 50 cents. More 

Expect the Market to Pull Back Before Month’s End

A test of the S&P 500 line at 1,475 is likely in late February. More