Digital Domain Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

The Hollywood special effects maker came public just a year ago. Providing effects for movies like 'Titanic' wasn't enough to sustain the business. More 

MGM Ties IPO Hopes to Upcoming ‘Bond’ Film

But that's not all the studio has to get investors interested. It's also a low-cost producer and has lucrative licensing deals with Amazon and Netflix. More 

‘Dora the Explorer’ Exec Fired in Nickelodeon Drama

Falling ratings for Nickelodeon's Dora the Explorer have caused a shakeup at the network. The latest twist in the drama is the ouster of exec Brown Johnson. More 

DirecTV Customers Get Back MTV, SpongeBob and …

DirecTV customers can once again access 17 Viacom channels taken from them two weeks ago. Channels in MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. More 

Cure TV’s Nuttiness With a la Carte Pricing

Industry battles over carriage fees, such as the Dish-Viacom brawl, mask a bigger issue. Why should consumers pay for channels they don't want? More 

Viacom Channels to be Dropped by DirectTV

DirectTV has failed to come to terms with Viacom over carriage fees for its cable stations and the channels may go dark until an agreement can be reached. More 

Two News Corps Mean Double the Murdoch

Splitting the strong entertainment business from the weak publishing side makes sense for shareholders -- but that's no panacea. More