Video Games

Can Pokémon and NFC Save a Struggling Nintendo?

Nintendo looks to toys and near-field communications in an attempt to revive its Wii U console with the upcoming Pokémon Rumble U. More 

Candy Crush Saga IPO: A Big Test For Mobile Gaming Deals

Midasplayer -- the maker of the hit mobile game "Candy Crush Saga" -- reportedly is going forth with an IPO. And rival Zynga's past might have a small say. More 

What If Microsoft’s Xbox One Is a Hit?

Microsoft has a large hill to climb with the Xbox One, but if the device succeeds, it could mean trouble for Google and Apple. More 

Xbox One: Ultimate Entertainment Console or Disaster?

The Xbox One is branding itself as an all-in-one entertainment console, but Microsoft might have a tough time marketing the device to disparate demographics. More 

Xbox One Fails to Rattle the MSFT Cage

Microsoft unveiled its next-gen console, the Xbox One, to a somewhat warm consumer reception -- but it would've taken something extreme to really push the MSFT needle. More 

Electronic Arts: How It Pays to Be the Worst Company in America

Electronic Arts is a sound investment for the very same reason it earned a dubious distinction for the second year running -- it puts money first and you last. More 

GameStop to End PS2-Related Trade-Ins

International game seller GameStop will no longer accept PlayStation 2 items for trade-in starting June 1. More