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CREE – The Weekly Options Light Bulb Just Went Off

When the Costco (COST) horde is jumping on bargain LED lighting, you know it's hit mainstream. Here's a weekly options strategy to make the most of Cree (CREE) LED lights. More 

Bank of America (BAC) Weekly Options for Quick Cash in a Short Week

Just because it's a short week doesn't mean that your weekly options strategy is busted. Here's an idea for a fast BAC trade that you can repeat week after week. More 

2-Day Trade in Apple (AAPL), Plus 2 Alternatives

Repeat this two-day weekly options trade to make 28% on Apple (AAPL) in a year--or try one of my other AAPL trades if you want more breathing room. More 

Trading Options Expiration for Profits

Options expiration occurs on the third Saturday of every month but every week is actually an expiration week if you know where to look for the right options. More 

Simple Income from Weekly Options

Speculators love the opportunities to double their money or more while at the same time paying little to nothing for the time value of an option. More 

A Weekly Option Strategy – 106% or 367%?

GM is undervalued as Americans are snapping up cars and trucks and weekly options are great way to capitalize. More 

Trade the Apple Ecosystem with Sandisk

Sell weekly puts on Sandisk (SNDK) for a low-risk, low-cost strategy to play the Apple (AAPL) ecosystem that gives you a 50% annualized return. More