WMT: Walmart Snaps Up Stylr App

Walmart, announced on Monday, that it has picked up Stylr, an app that allows users to search nearby stores for clothes, for an undisclosed amount. More 

The 4 Horsemen of the Technology Apocalypse

Facial recognition, location-monitoring and shopping habits are just a few of the first steps down a dangerous path of technology usage. More 

RadioShack Stock to Zero? Well, DUH.

Analyst Scott Tilghman put a dollar amount on what many of us were already thinking - RadioShack stock is not long for this world. More 

Carl Icahn Invades Family Dollar Stores

Carl Icahn is on the prowl. Family Dollar Stores are going through a rough patch. What exactly is the activist investor up to? Here's an explanation. More 

2 Stocks Bucking the ‘Lower Expectations’ Trend

Plenty of companies are cutting guidance for Q2 and beyond ... but you can still find good, growing stocks to buy if you know how to look. More 

Sam’s Club Lead Way With New Smartchip Credit Card

Sam's Club will launch a new smart MasterCard with an EMV chip this month, making it harder for hackers to copy the card. More 

Walmart Employees Plan to Strike Across U.S. Today

In a move to shine the spotlight on wages, Walmart (WMT) employees will hold strikes today in 20 cities across the U.S. today. More