McDonald’s, KFC Face Another China Food Scandal

McDonald's and KFC are facing another food scandal in China when a TV report caught meat suppliers picking up meat from the floor. More 

Fast Food King: Chick-fil-A May Take McDonald’s Top Spot

Chick-fil-A has been growing so much that some believe it could top McDonald's and become the No.1 fast food restaurant in the U.S. More 

Biggest Movers in Services Stocks Now – URI TWX XRS EBAY

Services stocks remained flat so far on Thursday on Wall Street. More 

YUM, HSY: Pizza Hut Adds Another Hershey-Branded Dessert

Pizza Hut (YUM) is adding another Hershey (HSY) dessert in the form of a large cookie that resembles Papa John's Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie. More 

Taco Bell to Double the Protein, Lower the Calories of ‘Cantina’ Menu

Taco Bell is lowing the calories of its 'Cantina' menu food items but doubling the amount of protein in them. More 

Was the KFC Kick-Out Story a Money-Grabbing Hoax?

Was the KFC story about a girl getting kicked out for her appearance a hoax done by the family to make money? More 

KFC Makes 3-Year-Old Leave Restaurant Over Dog Attack Scars

A three-year old girl who was severely injured in a dog attack was reportedly asked to leave a KFC restaurant over her scars. More