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4 Lesser-Known Effects of the Government Shutdown

Forget the Smithsonian, last-minute passports and the panda cam


Real Trips

passport185It’s not just folks traveling to national landmarks that are in for a rude awakening, though. Folks planning to travel out of the country — or foreigners trying to get in — could be in for a rude awakening, too.

Consular operations for the Department of State will continue, meaning folks can continue to get visas and passports … in theory.

But if you need to snag a relatively last-minute passport, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. For one, any passport offices located in shut-down buildings simply can’t go about their normal business. And delays are to be expected.

“During the other government shut down in 1995-1996, 20,000 to 30,000 applications by foreigners for visas went unprocessed each day, while 200,000 U.S. applications for passports went unprocessed,” Fox News reports.

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