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4 Lesser-Known Effects of the Government Shutdown

Forget the Smithsonian, last-minute passports and the panda cam



Laptop185It doesn’t seem like it should take much to keep government websites up and running, considering just about any Joe Schmo can create their own online blog. Still, websites for the Library of Congress, the Federal Trade Commission,, National Park Service and more are offline already, while other sites are running but will only be updated periodically, if at all.

Plus, a plethora of furloughed government agencies spend a lot of their time analyzing, compiling and releasing data. The research branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture will no longer be cranking out market news reports, NASS statistics and other reports/projections.

Meanwhile, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will “cease providing high-quality data that is used for public planning,” according to CNN.

And for market watchers: Friday’s job report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics remains up in the air. CNN says that it’s “unclear” what the agency will do for the slated Oct. 4 release, but USA Today reports that it will be delayed due to a lack of staffers, according to an official with direct knowledge.

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