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5 Things to Know About ‘Jihad Jane’ Colleen LaRose

The 50-year-old woman was raped and abused as a kid


Colleen LaRose called herself ‘Jihad Jane’ when she joined a terrorist group and became part of an assassination plot.

Jihad Jane
Source: Flickr

After four years in jail, LaRose faced a potential life term today in which she claimed that she’s not entirely to blame for her actions. Here are 5 things to know about Jihad Jane.

  • LaRose was ready to kill a man – Jihad Jane was targeting Swedish artist Lars Vilks after the terrorist group she joined asked her to kill him. She was incarcerated as part of a 2009 conspiracy to murder the artist who has a series of drawings depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad as a dog.
  • “I was in a trance. – The Pennsylvania woman got into the terrorist group after meeting a Muslim man in Amsterdam who introduced her to his group’s activities. She pursued it online after feeling included and said all she would think about was “jihad, jihad, jihad.” LaRose claimed that she was in some sort of trance after meeting the man and she believes she’s no longer a threat to society.
  • Jihad Jane was raped and abused as a child – LaRose was brought up in a broken home that included alcoholism, abuse, incest and rape. After being raped and abused as a child, LaRose turned to prostitution, crystal meth and other drugs. She was also in abusive marriages as an adult.
  • Reduced sentence for cooperating with feds – LaRose could have been locked up for the rest of her life but the court commended her for cooperating with federal authorities. Thanks to her guilty plea and her help in the indictment of two other members of the same terrorist group, Jihad Jane’s sentence was reduced. She could be out of jail in four years for good behavior followed by five years of supervised release.

Read more about Jihad Jane here.

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