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Can a GOP President Fix the Economy?

Crowded field has many ideas


american flagThe early run-up to the Republican primary has shown the breadth of conservatives in America. But there are two things this disparate group of politicians can agree upon: George W. Bush did a bad job as steward of the American economy, and Obama is doing even worse.

Under Bush, taxes were slashed and expenses ran wild — causing our already ugly national debt to skyrocket. George W. Bush’s administration also presided over some of the lax regulations that led to the 2008 financial crisis and resulting recession.

Obama has failed to gain control of the mess, they continue. The unemployment rate is above 9%, consumer and investor confidence is flagging, especially after the August market mayhem. Disagreement over how to reduce the nation’s deficit has many worried that the United States will be up to its eyeballs in debt for generations.

There’s plenty of reasons to criticize Obama, and Republican candidates have wasted no time. But amid all the posturing, would the front-runners really bring anything different to the White House? How would the members of this group actually make a difference in economic policy and put the nation back on track?

Let’s take a look:

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