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How to Take Back the American Dream

Freedom is the key to restoring the United States


The solution to America’s financial difficulties comes down to a very simple formula: Freedom.

The world is filled with these lab experiments of people who are prosperous and people who live in poverty. Look no further than North Korea and South Korea for the most vivid example. There are the same people, language, cultural heritage and natural resources in both countries. But South Koreans have a per capita income that’s 15 times higher than North Koreans.

The truth is freedom works.

But here in America, our Constitutional freedoms are stripped away each day. It’s why 46 million Americans are on food stamps… why we’re experiencing depression-era levels of unemployment… and why 6 million homes are in foreclosure.

The state of freedom is declining in America.

I discussed this very topic in the video below, where I’m interviewed by Fox & Friends about my new book, Red And Blue And Broke All Over: Restoring America’s Free Economy, which is on the book shelves today. I urge you to watch it now.

Now that you have an idea of how our elected leaders are taking away our freedoms with one regulation after another—and costing American taxpayers billions of dollars—you can start to see how freedom and prosperity are dependent on each other. The only way for America to take back its prosperity is to first take back its freedom.

Get the full story in my brand-new book, Red And Blue And Broke All Over: Restoring America’s Free Economy.

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