Obamacare Enrollment Deadline Postponed … by One Day

by Christopher Freeburn | December 24, 2013 9:53 am

pink_white_house[1]On Monday, the White House announced that the deadline to sign up for insurance coverage effective by Jan. 1 had been extended on more da[2]y.

Under President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act — commonly known as Obamacare — individuals must obtain health insurance coverage. The administration had already delayed the Obamacare enrollment deadline from earlier in December to Monday due to problems with the federal health insurance exchange website. Yesterday, that the Obamacare enrollment deadline was pushed back again — until Tuesday, Fox News notes.

A spokesperson for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services indicated that while Monday remained official deadline for Obamacare enrollment[3], people who enrolled on Tuesday “will get coverage for Jan 1.”

The extension came after people attempting Obamacare enrollment through the federal website found themselves facing huge wait times on Monday as the system became bogged down once again. Prior to leaving for Christmas vacation with his family in Hawaii on Friday, President Obama said that Obamacare enrollment had reached 1 million since the launch of the program on Oct. 1.

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