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Overtime Pay Rule Changes 2017: House Republicans Pass New Bill

The bill may not make it through the Senate


House Republicans have passed a bill that would make changes to the overtime pay rule.

Overtime Pay Rule Changes 2017: House Republicans Pass New BillThe new rule would make it so that employers can offer paid time off to employees instead of overtime pay. It was passed 229 to 197. No Democrats voted for the overtime pay rule changes and only six Republicans voted against it.

Now that the bill has been given approval by the House, it will be sent off to the Senate. However, it will likely be harder to get the votes needed to pass the bill there. Republicans control the Senate, but will still need eight votes from Democrats to pass the overtime pay rule changes.

Republicans argue that the bill will give employees more decisions on how they want to spend their time. Democrats say that it undercuts protections to employees provided by the Fair Labor Standards act.

“This is nothing but a recycled bad bill that would allow big corporations to make an end-run around giving workers the pay they’ve earned,” Washington Sen. Patty Murray, told CNNMoney.

The overtime pay bill also includes protections for employees. It makes it so that they get to chose between the overtime pay or time off. The bill also makes it so that employers can’t try to force or tempt workers into taking the time off. This would give employees full control over whether or not they take the time off instead of the extra pay, USA Today notes.

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