Election 2012: The Bottom Line for Your Portfolio

Nov 5, 2012, 8:30 am EDT
Election 2012: The Bottom Line for Your Portfolio

With the presidential election just a day away, the headlines are full of the latest polls, debate gaffes, and battle plans. But how will the results affect investors like you?

Four of InvestorPlace Media‘s top advisers sat down and discussed how the election will shape the investing landscape. Here’s what they had to say. Obama Would Boost Healthcare, Clean Energy

Expert: Hilary Kramer Read 

Starbucks CEO, NYC Mayor Bloomberg Endorse Obama

Nov 2, 2012, 4:19 pm EDT
Starbucks CEO, NYC Mayor Bloomberg Endorse Obama

Even as Barack Obama has avoided politics and campaigning in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, politics seem to have reached out to him anyways.

Yesterday, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorsed Obama for president, in what might at first have seemed a strange move to make so late in the election. After all, there seems to be little in it for either side. New York is a solidly blue state, Bloomberg is a right-leaning independent, and the mayor even discouraged Obama from visiting New York in the aftermath of the storm.

However, Bloomberg’s endorsement makes sense when you hear his reason for it: climate change. Read 

Sandy and Jobs: A Powerful One-Two Punch for Obama

Nov 2, 2012, 1:19 pm EDT
Sandy and Jobs: A Powerful One-Two Punch for Obama

The 2012 presidential campaign is drawing to a close, but a slew of positive headlines in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and positive jobs data should push President Obama to re-election.

In September, it appeared that Obama was cruising toward a close but comfortable victory over his GOP challenger, Mitt Romney. But Obama’s miserable performance in the first debate changed the game, and Romney leapfrogged ahead of the incumbent. Obama came roaring back in their second and third meetings but even those strong performances did not appear to be enough to undo the damage of the first debate. As of last week, polls showed the race to be an almost perfect tie.

So, in the end it may be the “perfect storm,” literally and figuratively, that cements a second term for the President. A competent and gracious response to a natural disaster and the release of better-than-expected jobs numbers have created a powerful closing argument for Obama. Read 

Romney Auto Ads Stir Up Storm

Nov 1, 2012, 8:16 pm EDT
Romney Auto Ads Stir Up Storm

Mitt Romney has to be wondering if Donald Trump’s endorsement was really worth all the headaches it has brought his campaign.

In the aftermath of the Trump bombshell that wasn’t, the right-wing mogul has been stirring up more trouble on “behalf” of Romney. Romney has begun running TV ads in the battleground state of Ohio suggesting that GM (NYSE:GM) and Chrysler are planning to ship jobs overseas, particularly to China.

In the ad, a narrator has the following to say about the two automakers and Barack Obama: Read 

Brad Pitt Donates $100K to Support Gay Marriage

Nov 1, 2012, 8:38 am EDT

Brad Pitt is partnering with Human Rights Watch in support of gay marriage — and putting his money where his mouth is with a $100,000 donation to help gay marriage initiatives on this year’s ballots.

The movie star, who usually steers clear of political contributions, has a history of donating on the issue, according to The Los Angeles Times. In 2008, he donated $100,000 and spoke out against California’s Proposition 8 that limited gay marriage rights. Earlier this year he acted alongside George Clooney in the play 8, which detailed the fight against the measure.

This election season, gay marriage is featured on four state ballots. Measures are on Maine, Maryland and Washington ballots that seek to legalize gay marriage; in Minnesota, a proposed constitutional amendment aims to ban the practice. Read 

Top 5 Romney Donors, Obama Fundraisers

Oct 31, 2012, 10:13 pm EDT
Top 5 Romney Donors, Obama Fundraisers

With election funding for the 2012 election cycle passing $2 billion this month, and with the election itself just six days away, theAssociated Presshas taken a look at the top donors for both major parties’ presidential candidates.

In an election marked by big money donations and the influence of super PACs, the Republicans‘ top donors have vastly outpaced the Democrats. The fifth highest Republican donor has given more than the top Democratic donor, and the top five Democratic donors still have less than the third most generous Republican giver.

Several factors have contributed to this disparity. Mitt Romney has the support of many wealthy business owners, and the Republican party in general was quick to take advantage of the unlimited donations super PACs can take in, both during their primary season and after Romney won the nomination. The Democrats and Obama, who were opposed to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that gave rise to super PACs, were slower to jump on board — and not all of them did. Read 

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