How to Take Back the American Dream

Mar 15, 2012, 5:22 pm EDT

The solution to America’s financial difficulties comes down to a very simple formula: Freedom.

The world is filled with these lab experiments of people who are prosperous and people who live in poverty. Look no further than North Korea and South Korea for the most vivid example. There are the same people, language, cultural heritage and natural resources in both countries. But South Koreans have a per capita income that’s 15 times higher than North Koreans.

The truth is freedom works. Read 

Republicans to Romney: Repair Your Message

Mar 14, 2012, 6:01 pm EDT
Republicans to Romney: Repair Your Message

In the wake of stinging third-place finishes in yesterday’s Alabama and Mississippi primaries, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s supporters and GOP strategists have one message for him: fix your own message.

These Republicans say that Romney’s focus on delegate math, electability, and attacks against top GOP rival Rick Santorum aren’t helping him cement his position as the Republican Party’s nominee for president.

Who has been critiquing the Romney campaign? Among others, former Romney adviser and Republican strategist Mike Murphy, former Mississippi Sen. Trent Lott, former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, and Tennessee GOP chairman Chris Devaney (remember, Romney lost Tennessee to Santorum on Super Tuesday). Read 

The American Dream Is Fading

Mar 14, 2012, 2:55 pm EDT

I’ve begun giving radio and TV interviews across the country this week about my new book, “RED AND BLUE AND BROKE ALL OVER: Restoring America’s Free Economy.” Often, the conversation begins with a question like “What made you want to write this book?” or “What inspired you to write your book?” It’s a logical place to start. And the answer is:

The American Dream is fading.

My book is really about how freedom creates prosperity. It’s something so axiomatic that it should be among the Truths that Americans hold to be Self-Evident: Freedom creates prosperity. Read 

Santorum to Romney and Gingrich: Kiss My Grits

Mar 14, 2012, 8:35 am EDT
Santorum to Romney and Gingrich: Kiss My Grits

Delivering major psychological blows to Mitt Romney’s campaign and Newt Gingrich’s ego, Rick Santorum won the GOP primaries in Alabama and Mississippi yesterday. Although Santorum’s victory in the Bible Belt has been foreshadowed for months (he has enjoyed strong support from white evangelicals and working-class voters, both of whom constitute a large part of the electorate in those states), Georgian Newt Gingrich had expected to win handily in his own backyard.

The results:

Santorum (35%), Gingrich (29%), Romney (29%), Paul (4%)

How Did Occupy Wall Street Spend Its Money?

Mar 13, 2012, 6:22 pm EDT

With the future financial viability of the Occupy Wall Street movement in question, it’s worth taking a look at the money they raised and, more importantly, what they spent it on.

Fortunately for us, The Atlantic has taken a look at the most recent Occupy Wall Street financial records and noted some of the more interesting expenditures. Overall, Occupy Wall Street raised $737,000 since it began six months ago, and has spent or earmarked more than $700,000 of that. What has it been buying? Among other things: Metrocards — $45,000

Shuttling protestors from protest site to protest site in a city this heavily dependent on mass transit and the subway clearly adds up over time. Read 

Occupy Movement Could Go Broke in 3 Weeks’ Time

Mar 13, 2012, 5:36 pm EDT

Having faced police crackdowns, forced evictions of movement-occupied spaces, and attempts by politicians and organizations both sympathetic and antagonistic to co-opt its name and message, the Occupy movement faces a new challenge.

It may be running out of money.

Even a movement as staunchly anti-capitalist as Occupy has to pay the bills — or bail money, as it sometimes turns out. Reports indicate that, save for a $90,000 fund set aside for bail, the closest thing to a organizing arm for the New York City Occupy movement has under $45,000 left. At their current spending rate, that money will be gone in three weeks. Read 

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