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Politwoops! Web Site Reveals Deleted Tweets By Pols

May 30, 2012, 5:38 pm EDT
Politwoops! Web Site Reveals Deleted Tweets By Pols

Politicians who think their Twitter gaffes can be fixed by simply deleting their tweets are in for a rude awakening.

The Sunlight Foundation has created a web site, Politwoops, which is designed to save Twitter messages deleted by the official accounts of politicians and presidential candidates.

Unlike more traditional political messaging methods, such as campaign speeches or interviews, Twitter is a more ephemeral media. Tweets deleted from the site often disappear forever, unless someone is there to notice them and save them. That’s what Politwoops is designed to do, according to Tom Lee, director of Sunlight Labs. Read 

Romney Secures Republican 2012 Nomination

May 30, 2012, 3:26 pm EDT
Romney Secures Republican 2012 Nomination

With a win in the Texas primary last night, Mitt Romney quietly secured more than enough delegates to capture the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.

In a statement, Romney, who is currently campaigning in Nevada, said he was “honored” to cross the delegate mark.

Romney’s emergence as the GOP official candidate has not been in doubt since challengers Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum dropped out of the race last month. However, party rules demand that the nominee win at least 1,144 delegates for the official vote at the GOP convention in August. Read 

Romney Misspells ‘America’ on iPhone App

May 30, 2012, 12:43 pm EDT

Typos happen to everyone, even professional writers and grammar snobs. That’s why copy editors are golden. After last night’s gaffe involving a typo gone viral, Mitt Romney’s campaign staffers probably would surmise that solid proofreading skills are worth their weight in platinum.

Romney’s campaign released the “I’m with Mitt” Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone app on Tuesday evening to celebrate the former Massachusetts governor’s unofficial nabbing of the GOP presidential nomination, USA TODAY reported. The app enables users to customize 14 different banners, but one of the banners included a glaring typo: “A Better Amercia.”

It’s unlikely that anything moves faster than a viral typo made by a presidential nominee — especially when the error is the misspelling of the country said nominee is hoping to lead. Within minutes of the app’s debut, social media platforms buzzed with commentary about the gaffe. There’s already a popular Twitter hashtag for Amercia. Read 

Romney Supporters Preparing to Attack Stimulus Plan

May 29, 2012, 5:44 pm EDT
Romney Supporters Preparing to Attack Stimulus Plan

Perhaps stinging from President Barack Obama’s criticism of Bain Capital, Mitt Romney and his supporters are firing back with a new attack: the stimulus plan did not work.

Upcoming campaign events by Romney, along with videos from his campaign and from Romney-supporting political group American Crossroads, will attack the stimulus plan on several fronts. They will claim that the plan did not create jobs as advertised and was actually meant as earmarks for political and ideological reasons. Ultimately, Romney will argue the U.S. economy would have been better off without the stimulus.

Obama supporters, confronted with Romney’s charges, both credit the president with rescuing the economy from another Great Depression and say that Romney would have let Detroit’s automakers go bankrupt, failed to invest in clean energy, and done nothing to regulate Wall Street. Read 

Texas Leads in Super PAC Donations

May 29, 2012, 12:53 pm EDT

Everything’s bigger in Texas, the saying goes. Apparently, this also applies to citizens’ generosity in supporting the major super PACs.

A report from the Houston Chronicle‘s Texas on the Potomac blog revealed the state had given $36.5 million to the 20 largest super PACs. Nevada placed second among states in giving to the 20 largest super PACs, thanks primarily to the donations made by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and his family on behalf of the Newt Gingrich-supporting super PAC.

By way of comparison, California and New York, who out-raised Texas in donations with campaign limits (primarily for candidates’ campaigns), lagged behind in super PAC donations. California raised $22 million for the largest super PACs, and New York raised $17 million. Read 

Gov’t Taking New Steps to Stop Food Stamp Fraud

May 24, 2012, 5:18 pm EDT
Gov’t Taking New Steps to Stop Food Stamp Fraud

Food stamp fraud is an expensive problem, but states have often had their hands tied in how they handle it. The Agriculture Department is now seeking to give them more weapons.

Today, the department announced it was proposing rules that would allow states to demand formal explanations from people who seek more than three replacement cards a year. Those who refuse to comply can be denied further cards.

Why is the government doing this? While the biggest source of food stamp fraud comes from retailers who allow customers to turn in their benefits cards for lesser amounts of cash, they are seeing an increasing number of people selling or trading their benefits cards, including over web sites like eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) and Craigslist. Overall, food stamp fraud costs the government $750 million a year, on a $75 billion program. Read 

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