George Soros Joins Clinton-Backing Super PAC

Oct 24, 2013, 5:44 pm EST

One of the Democratic Party’s most enduring financial supporters is already throwing his money in for the 2016 presidential election. George Soros, a hedge fund manager and the 19th richest man in the United States according to Forbes, has agreed to help the super PAC drum up interest in Hillary Clinton for a 2016 presidential run.

The group tweeted today that Soros was joining the group as a co-chair of its national finance council. A statement released by Soros’ political director, Michael Vachon, confirmed the news and said Soros was “delighted to join more than 1 million Americans in supporting Ready for Hillary.”

Members of Ready for Hillary’s national finance council must donate or raise $25,000 on behalf of the super PAC. Other members of the national finance council include Esprit co-founder Susie Tompkins Buell, attorneys Steve and Amber Mostyn, and entrepreneur Jo Ousterhout, according to a Washington Post article. Read 

Twitter Users’ Best #FailedObamacareSlogans

Oct 24, 2013, 2:52 pm EST

Obamacare continues to stir up controversy and this time it’s doing so in social media.

USA Today reports that the public has taken to Twitter to make fun of the Affordable Care Act, Republicans, Obama and other issues related to Obamacare. Here are some of the best #FailedObamacareSlogans trending on Twitter.

    @jjauthor: The “Affordable Care Act” – doesn’t make anything “Affordable,” provides no additional “Care;” it is just an “Act!” @johnhawkinsrwn: Healthcare so good that the people who created it, implement it & forced it on America don’t want it. @TheMorningSpew: It’s Like Health Insurance, Only Different. @sharonpine1: we take your $ for SS, Medicare, ACA, and hope you die before you reach an age to start getting it back. @VioletTiger2: The glitches aren’t bugs, they’re features.

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Builders of Glitchy Healthcare.Gov Site Blame Obama Administration

Oct 24, 2013, 10:36 am EST

As the outcry over problems with the health insurance exchange websites at the center of President Barack Obama’s health care plan mount, the finger-pointing is kicking into high gear.

Contractors hired by the administration to set up the federal government’s website appeared before the Energy and Commerce Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday to answer lawmakers’ questions about the troubled launch. Not surprisingly, some placed the blame on the administration itself, the Associated Press notes.

An executive from CGI Federal, the primary creator of, which offers insurance for residents in 36 states, said that the Department of Health and Human Services was the “quarterback” for the project and is the “ultimate responsible party” for how the website performed. Read 

IRS: Tax Season Will Be Delayed Due to Shutdown

Oct 23, 2013, 3:20 pm EST
IRS: Tax Season Will Be Delayed Due to Shutdown

People who file their taxes early will feel some of the lingering effects of the recent U.S. government shutdown.

On Tuesday, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) said that, due to disruptions resulting from the shutdown, it will not begin processing tax returns until Jan. 28, at the earliest, about a week later than usual. The agency indicated that return processing might be delayed even further, until Feb. 4. That would mean that early filers would have to wait longer to get any tax refunds, USA TODAY notes.

Tax-processing systems have to be updated and tested to handle 2014 returns, the agency said. The shutdown  occurred during he period during which the IRS usual readies itself to handle tax returns. The agency processes almost 150 million returns every year. Read 

Bill Young’s Widow Bans Charlie Crist From Funeral

Oct 22, 2013, 1:48 pm EST

Beverly Young — Rep. C. W. Bill Young’s widows — warned former Florida governor Charlie Crist to stay away from her deceased husband’s memorial service.

USA Today reports that Young sent an email to Crist telling him that his attendance at the funeral would be unacceptable. She added that she has “watched over the years, as Bill had, your transparent attempts to manipulate the political arena. I don’t want my husband’s memorial service to be another opportunity for that, and I will not tolerate anyone turning this into a platform for political gain.”

Bill Young was the longest-serving House Republican before passing away on Friday at age 82. Crist has yet to respond publicly to Young’s message. Read 

Rubio Pushes to Delay Obamacare Mandate

Oct 22, 2013, 1:36 pm EST
Rubio Pushes to Delay Obamacare Mandate

Sen. Marco Rubio is proposing a law that would delay the individual mandate under Obamacare due to the technical glitches on the Affordable Care Act website.

Politico reports that Rubio is introducing the legislation because the glitches have made it impossible for some people to sign up for Obamacare and he wants to ensure that these people are not punished later by the IRS. Rubio said that the law “basically delays that requirement until the [Government Accountability] Office has certified that it’s been up and running and effectively working for six months consecutive. I think that’s a prudent approach given the problems that it’s facing by the White House’s own admission.”

The Senator also slammed the proposed solution for the technical glitches due to the lack of transparency in Obama’s plans. He said that we don’t know who is going to fix these technical glitches, how they’re going to do it or how far these tech experts have gone to fix the Obamacare glitches. Read 

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