DEA Declares CBD Oil Illegal: 7 Things to Know About the Ban

Dec 16, 2016, 5:35 pm EST

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has made a ruling on CBD oil. Source: Flickr

The cannabis substance is now illegal under federal law. Here are seven things you should know about the move:

    DEA Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg said the new law will pave way for the agency to exercise its power in tracking quantities of CBD oil. The agency said these substances are federally illegal Schedule I substances. “Extracts of marihuana will continue to be treated as Schedule I controlled substances,” the notice says. Some websites are selling the substance on their website, which they may legally be able to do if the THC percentage in hemp is 0.3% or less. The code is 21 CFR Part 1308 and it mentions marijuana extracts. However, the DEA says that this isn’t the case as all extracts that contain CBD also contain other cannabinoids, thus ensuring they are illegal. The agency ensures that they could prosecute even if they find small traces of the substance. CBD oil is often seen as an alternative way of consuming marijuana that doesn’t require smoking.

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Massachusetts Recreational Marijuana Law: 7 Things to Know

Dec 15, 2016, 6:19 pm EST

Massachusetts has passed a recreational marijuana law. Source: MarihuanayMedicina via Flickr

Here are seven things to know about the move:

    As of today, you will no longer receive a $100 bill for smoking in public. Massachusetts is the first state west of Colorado to pass the bill. The other states that have passed cannabis for recreational use include Oregon, Washington, Colorado, California, Nevada and Alaska. Maine could pass it soon as well. The move means that you can now possess, grow and use limited amounts of the plant. Adults can have up to an ounce of marijuana outside the home, or up to 10 ounces in the home. 3.8 million votes were casted and the bill passed by 240,000 votes. It will still be at least one other year until dispensaries open and marijuana is sold in stores. “Possession, cultivation and distribution of marijuana remain illegal under state law,” said Massachusetts Secretary of Public Safety Daniel Bennett.

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FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to Resign on Trump’s Inauguration Day

Dec 15, 2016, 1:11 pm EST

Tom Wheeler, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will be stepping down on inauguration day.

Tom Wheeler’s decision to step down as the Chairman of the FCC means that President-elect Donald Trump will face no difficulties in appointing his replacement. It is likely that Trump will choose a candidate to undo regulations that were introduced during Wheeler’s time in the role.

Tom Wheeler introduced regulations concerning net neutrality that force internet service providers to follow some of the same rules that telephone providers do. The President-elect’s team may choose to dismantle these regulations, or it could just not enforce them. Read 

Tesla Motors Inc’s (TSLA) Elon Musk Joins Donald Trump’s Business Team

Dec 14, 2016, 1:37 pm EST

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk has been named as part of Donald Trump’s business advisory team.

The electric car maker’s boss criticized Trump after the hotel magnate was elected, claiming he was not the right man to lead our country from the oval office. As part of his new role, Musk will “meet with the president frequently” and give him his expertise as part of Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum, Trump officials said.

CEO of Uber Travis Kalanick has also been named as a part of Trump’s business team. The two were invited to a major meeting that will take place Wednesday, involving some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley. Read 

Trump Team — Energy Secretary: 10 Things to Know About Rick Perry

Dec 13, 2016, 12:00 pm EST

President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Rick Perry as his Trump team pick for Energy Secretary.

Here are a few things to know about the Trump team Energy Secretary pick.

    Rick Perry is the former Governor of Texas. He was one of Donald Trump’s opponents for the Republican nomination. Perry gave his support to Texas Senator Ted Cruz after dropping out of the presidential candidate race. During the primary campaign to select a presidential candidate for the Republican party, he called Trump “a cancer on conservatism.” He also ran for president in the 2012 election and named the Energy Department, which Trump has picked him to lead, as one of the Cabinet departments that shouldn’t exist. Perry has been a strong ally to oil companies and a strong opponent to claims of climate change. He has shown support for renewable energy and passed a legislation in 2005 to force Texas to use more of it, which has it being the largest producer of wind energy. Perry has held many government positions, including lieutenant governor, agriculture commissioner and working as a state legislature, The former Texas Governor has also given his backing to oil projects including the Keystone XL pipeline and Dakota Access Pipeline. He was a contestant during the 23rd season of Dancing With the Stars, but was eliminated early on.

You can follow the links below to learn more about the Trump team’s other picks. Read 

Trump Team — Secretary of State: 10 Things to Know About Rex Tillerson

Dec 13, 2016, 11:27 am EST

President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Rex Tillerson as his Trump team pick for Secretary of State.

Here are a few things to know about the Trump team’s Secretary of State pick.

    Rex Tillerson is the Chairman and CEO of Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM). Russia awarded him with the Order of Friendship in 2013 and he has close ties with President Vladimir Putin. He is a former national president of the Boy Scouts of America and helped allow gays scouts and leaders into the organization. Exxon Mobil Corporation has also made donations to Planned Parenthood. The XOM CEO has also been critical of sanctions placed on Russia, which has caused some concern among Senate Republicans. Rex Tillerson’s has experience dealing with other countries due to Exxon Mobil Corporation operating in 50 different ones. He has also said that climate change could have “catastrophic” effects on the world if not properly monitored. Yury Ushakov, the Vladimir Putin’s foreign ministry advisor, said the country has had “good, businesslike relations” with him. A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry also expressed interest in working with the Trump Team’s new Secretary of State pick. He said he wants to restore the United States’ foreign relations credibility and improve the “strength, security and sovereignty,” of the country.

“His tenacity, broad experience and deep understanding of geopolitics make him an excellent choice for secretary of state,” Donald Trump told The New York Times. “Rex knows how to manage a global enterprise, which is crucial to running a successful State Department, and his relationships with leaders all over the world are second to none.” Read 

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