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LIST: 97 Tech Companies That Oppose the Trump Immigration Ban

Feb 6, 2017, 3:52 pm EDT

At least 97 tech companies have opposed Donald Trump’s immigration ban. Source: magicatwork via Flickr

The POTUS’ move — which bars residents of seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the U.S. — was countered with an amicus brief that was signed by these companies and filed late on Sunday in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The President says he plans on fighting this brief. Here’s a full list of the 97 tech companies battling against the move, which some deem as being unconstitutional. Read 

Dodd-Frank: Trump to Undo Wall Street Reform, Consumer Protection Act

Feb 3, 2017, 1:15 pm EDT

President Donald Trump is planning on making his mark on the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Source: Shutterstock

Former President Obama signed the laws in 2010, and the new POTUS has announced that he will repeal certain financial regulations related to Wall Street and banking regulations.

One such move will be to sign an executive order that Trump will sign, prompting the Secretary of the Treasury communicating regulatory agencies to determine how the Dodd-Frank federal law can be altered. Read 

Kellyanne Conway Corrects ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ Flub

Feb 3, 2017, 1:12 pm EDT

Kellyanne Conway, an adivsor to President Donald Trump, has corrected her “Bowling Green massacre” mistake.

Kellyanne Conway has said that she misspoke when referencing the Bowling Green massacre during an interview with MSNBC on Thursday. The Trump advisor was actually referring to the Bowling Green terrorists that were arrested in 2011.

Kellyanne Conway said that using the term massacre was an “honest mistake”. She then went on to point out cases where liberals have made mistakes, but weren’t attacked by the media for it. Read 

Tesla Inc (TSLA) AND Society Win If Musk and Trump Are Friendly

Feb 3, 2017, 11:59 am EDT

Just for the record, I fully encourage everyone to exercise not just their right to free speech, but their right to vote with their wallet. Simultaneously, I encourage everyone to exercise those rights in a way that’s effective — a way that actually has a shot at achieving the change you want. Source: OnInnovation via Flickr

To that end, one has to wonder if the recent backlash Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk has suffered due to his relationship with President Donald Trump (he’s on Trump’s advisory council) — including the selling pressure put on Tesla stock — is actually achieving anything fruitful for the very refugees so many are now fighting for.

Sometimes, the friend of your enemy isn’t necessarily an enemy as well, if that friend has made it clear he’s not on board with that enemy’s agenda. Read 

Twitter Inc (TWTR) Workers Donate $1M to Fight Trump Immigration Ban

Feb 2, 2017, 1:54 pm EDT

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is working hard towards stopping President Donald Trump’s immigration ban.

Since taking office nearly two weeks ago, the POTUS has signed a series of executive orders that will ban immigration into the U.S. from Muslims, Latin Americans and manny other countries in a bid to enforce immigration laws.

Now, social media is fighting back as Twitter workers have pledged at least $1 million towards stopping President Trump’s initiative. Nearly a thousand company workers put up $500,000 to battle these orders, while CEO Jack Dorsey and executive chairman Omid Kordestani matched this amount. Read 

The Trump Australia Call: Why Did U.S. President Hang Up on Australian PM?

Feb 2, 2017, 1:46 pm EDT

President Donald Trump allegedly hung up on Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during a recent phone call.

According to reports, President Trump hung up on the Austrialian Prime Minister following a heated debate over a refugee resettlement deal put in place by former President Barack Obama. Turnbull  reportedly tried to turn the conversation to Syria, which is when President  Trump hung up on him.

However, Turnbull himself is denying reports that President Trump hung up on him. He told a radio station in Sydney that the call ended “courteously”. He also expressed disappointment that the details of the call were leaked. Reports claim the call was supposed to last for one hour, but only made it to 25 minutes. Read 

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