Ron Paul TV Channel Launches Online

by | August 12, 2013 8:05 pm

NewLetters[1]Ron Paul’s post-Congress career begins in earnest today, as the former U.S. Representative and presidential candidate’s online TV channel officially launched[2].

The service, called the Ron Paul Channel[3], is a subscription service that charges $9.95 a month for access. Subscribers to the channel receive access to broadcasts and interviews from Paul, former NBC and ABC News correspondent Diana Alvear, and other friends and guests of Paul.

The channel aims to update several times a week, and already has posted a trailer advertising the channel[4] and a preview of an interview with The Guardian journalist and Edward Snowden story-breaker Glenn Greenwald[5].

Since the channel was announced, about 200,000 people[6] have signed up to receive more information about it. While it remains to be seen how many of those individuals will be willing to fork over $10 a month for Paul’s ideas, it looks like the Texas Republican’s post-elected office career will be far from slow.

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