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The Buzz About Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech

Twitter, media react strongly to First Lady


Yesterday, the Obama campaign promised that Michelle Obama would give a “personal, passionate speech” at the Democratic National Convention yesterday. By all accounts, Michelle Obama did just that. Sources ranging from the BBC to the Detroit Free Press to the New York Daily News to the Charlotte Observer all used the words “impassioned” to describe her speech.

Her speech apparently fired up Twitter as well. When her speech concluded, there were 28,003 tweets being sent per minute on Twitter, nearly double the 14,289 tweets per minute sent after Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

But how was the speech? Opinions varied, as you might expect, depending on which side of the aisle you asked. Here are a few quotes analyzing Michelle Obama’s speech:

  • “She was stunningly powerful, straight from the heart.” — Ashley Judd, actress and Tennessee delegate to the DNC.
  • “I’m sure in the arena it’s a plausible story. I thought it’s a great speech, but I don’t buy a line of it.” — Charles Krauthammer, conservative columnist.
  • “There were many points where I thought what she said was simply untrue or ludicrous, but rarely dishonest. Political wives are almost always immune to the charge of dishonesty because you have to assume their love for their husband is sincere… She clearly loves her husband and agrees with his politics. She thinks he’s reasonable and flexible and wise the same way he thinks he’s reasonable and flexible and wise. I think they’re both very wrong.” — Jonah Goldberg, National Review Online.
  • “The most devastating attack on Mitt Romney at Tuesday’s Democratic Convention came from Michelle Obama, who did not mention Romney’s name and said not a single cross thing about him. . . She devastated him by implication. If Romney was the son of privilege, she and her husband were anything but. What she said directly is that Barack Obama understands people who are struggling. What she didn’t have to say is Mitt Romney doesn’t.” — E.J. Dionne, Brookings Institution.
  • “Michelle has become a terrific speaker. But why should that matter — or whether Ann Romney loves her husband — in picking a president?” — Stu Rothenberg, political analyst.

— Benjamin Nanamaker, InvestorPlace Money & Politics Editor

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