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President Trump Impeachment Odds: How Likely Is It?

Trump won't likely face impeachment anytime soon


What are the President Trump impeachment odds? Not very likely.

President Trump Impeachment Odds: How Likely Is It?While talk of impeaching President Donald Trump has been in the news, it is unlikely that he will face such an action anytime soon. The Trump impeachment odds are unlikely due to Republicans controlling the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

As it is right now, the House would have to give a majority vote for Trump to go to trial for impeachment. The Senate would also need to cast a two-third majority vote for this to happen. However, it is unlikely that the President’s own party would chose to impeach him, which is what has the Trump impeachment odds so low, reports The Telegraph.

“It would be highly unusual and indeed likely politically costly to the party’s electoral prospects to pursue impeachment proceedings against a president of their own party, particularly with Midterm elections a little over a year away,” Tina Fordham, Citi’s Managing Director and Chief Global Political Analyst, told Fortune.

While the Trump impeachment odds are low, that hasn’t stopped people from betting against the President. PaddyPower, a betting site based in Ireland, has the President’s odds of being impeached going up to 60%. However, many of the betters using the site aren’t likely Americans.

Predict-It, based in New Zealand-based, is another website that is taking bets on the President’s possible impeachment. Its Trump impeachment odds are much lower, with there only being a 9% chance that the event will occur. This is down from the 30% chance the site had in May, Fortune notes.

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