White House Claims Healthcare.gov Glitches Fixed

by Christopher Freeburn | December 2, 2013 9:46 am

health630[1]Two months after it launched, the Obama administration says that the federal health insurance exchange that covers 36 states is finally able to serve most users[2].

Healthcare.gov debuted on Oct. 1, the most visible part of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, but was widely criticized for numerous glitches that left users unable to access the exchange or purchase insurance coverage. Chasten by the mounting backlash against the troubled website rollout, the White House brought in new experts and promised to have the exchange working by the end of November, the Washington Post notes.

Now, the administration says it has met that goal. According to an official tapped to lead the overhaul of Healthcare.gov, the website now functions properly 90% of the time. That’s up from 43% in October. Administration officials said that while the website is performing significantly better now, compared to its launch, some users will still face delays. There are also concerns that insurance providers will continue to encounter problems exchanging information with the website.

White House officials have carefully downplayed expectations over improvements to Healthcare.gov over the past few weeks. With the deadline to purchase insurance rapidly approaching, Healthcare.gov could find itself under even greater pressure as more individuals scramble to obtain coverage by the end of the year.

Digital security experts have roundly criticized Healthcare.gov for inadequate data protection[3], which could put the personal data of users at risk.

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