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Snap Inc (SNAP) Stock Shoots to New Lows on First Earnings Faceplant

May 10, 2017, 5:07 pm EDT
Snap Inc (SNAP) Stock Shoots to New Lows on First Earnings Faceplant

Welcome to the public markets, Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP). Life here can be brutal.

SNAP stock is off a grueling 25% in after-hours trading following its first earnings report as a publicly traded company, which included a miss in user growth and revenues. Should these prices hold, Snap will wake up Thursday to all-time lows.

Wednesday’s losses were exaggerated thanks to a run-up ahead of the report. Credit that to a broad tech rally that has lifted everyone from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) to, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) to Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX). But it looks like it will take some more time for Snap to get into the same league. Read 

3 Reasons Snap Inc (SNAP) Stock Might Crack After Earnings

May 9, 2017, 10:16 am EDT

Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) will report is first quarterly results as a public company tomorrow. No doubt, there is quite a bit riding on this for SNAP stock. Source: Snap

Let’s face it, Snap Inc has been quite volatile since the company pulled off its IPO in early March. While the shares got off to a strong start, they have since trailed off. Consider that the range has been $18.90 to $29.44.

This compares to the IPO offering price of $17. Read 

Snap Inc (SNAP) Stock: This Is Your Reality Check

May 1, 2017, 11:35 am EDT
Snap Inc (SNAP) Stock: This Is Your Reality Check

Kudos to Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) CEO Evan Spiegel. Not only are you running a company worth $26 billion at the ripe old age of only 26, but you’ve also managed to rattle the cage of much bigger rivals like Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR). Source: Maurizio Pesce Via Flickr

Too many kids your same age are trying to wrap up their seventh year of undergraduate studies, and too many executives twice your age are still trying to figure out how to make an app that’s a tenth as popular as your Snapchat has been.

On the other hand — and this can be considered a warning to current and prospective owners of SNAP stock — you’re taking yourself and what Snapchat is way too seriously. That poses a big risk, as it can blind you to the seemingly-insignificant details that can end up ruining your company. Read 

Dole Food Company Ripens for Yet Another IPO

Apr 25, 2017, 1:33 pm EDT
Dole Food Company Ripens for Yet Another IPO

This morning, the iconic food producer Dole Food Company filed its S-1 for an initial public offering. The terms of the deal have not set (they should within the next month or so) and no ticker symbol has been announced. Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS), Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC) and Deutsche Bank AG (USA) (NYSE:DB) are underwriting the deal. Source: Shutterstock

Keep in mind that Dole Food went private back in 2013, at a valuation of roughly $1.6 billion. The deal was led by David H. Murdock, who has been involved with the company since the mid-1980s, when it was part of the ailing Castle & Cooke.

And yes, he wasted little time in reinvigorating the Dole Food operation, making it the world’s largest producer of fruits and vegetables. As of now, Murdock is 94 and is the chairman of the board of the company. To this day, Dole has several key advantages,. such as: Read 

Spotify Considers Going Public Without an IPO

Apr 7, 2017, 3:51 pm EDT

Spotify may soon go public, the online music streaming site announced.

However, the tech company may be doing things differently as it will not choose to go the traditional way by launching an initial public offering (IPO). The even is a fundraiser that helps the stock gain some traction early on, but Spotify may seek to bypass this.

As an alternative to such a move, the company’s employees and venture capitalists would sell shares to investors directly. The option of “direct listing” does have some benefits as it allows the company to avoid paying extra fees associated with an IPO, thus preventing diluting the share. Read 

Snap Inc (SNAP) Stock Has a Glimmer of Hope Against Copycat Facebook

Apr 7, 2017, 10:01 am EDT

Lately the gains on Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) have been disappearing. Last week, SNAP stock lost about 7.4% to $20.56. It’s important to keep in mind that most IPOs involve lots of volatility. For the most part, the markets must go through a process of adjusting and learning about the company. But SNAP has also not released much information either. Source: Shutterstock

Consequently, the void has been filled with mostly negative news.

There are, of course, various analyst reports that generally focus on the nose-bleed valuation. But there are also concerns about the deceleration in the user base as well as the traction with monetization. Read 

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