10 Biggest IPOs of All Time

Alibaba aims for the top of the list of biggest IPOs


Two important numbers are swirling around yesterday’s Alibaba IPO filing. The first — $1 billion — is the fundraising target Alibaba set in its F-1 filing.

alibaba ipoThe second — $20 billion — is how large Wall Street thinks that raise could become.

We’ll figure out just how close to either figure the Alibaba IPO will get a few months from now, when the company prepares for its roadshow. But if Alibaba is close to that latter number, the Alibaba IPO would be the biggest U.S.-listed initial public offering ever.

Now, that $20 billion is far from guaranteed. After all, the IPO market has been in a funk lately. Oh, and Chinese-based deals have also come under pressure, as seen with Weibo (WB). Regardless, Alibaba will still likely be on the top-10 list of the biggest IPOs (here’s my take on the deal).

OK, so what are the other companies on the list? Well, let’s take a look:

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