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Cloud Stocks: 2 Haves and 2 Have-Nots

The broader market opportunity is huge, but not every company is ready for the big leagues


cloud stocksWhile in general, the IPOs of cloud companies have performed quite well during the past few years, not every deal has been a slam dunk. Some have been clunkers, and it’s reasonable to expect to see a few more as investor appetites for offerings grow.

I recently talked to Roman Stanek, founder and CEO of GoodData, for a little insight on the subject, and I found this quote helpful:

“A company needs to get to the point where the business is repeatable. In the enterprise world, this takes a long time. So if a company is not ready, an IPO can be the wrong move.”

So to separate the wheat from the chaff, let’s take a look at a couple examples of companies that might have been in this predicament, as well as a couple others that were battle-ready for coming public:

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