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Facebook Gets Into Another Privacy Brouhaha

Dropping a user voting system is the latest controversy


With lots of personal information on over 1 billion users, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) must be extremely careful whenever it makes changes. Of course, one of the social network’s hottest buttons is privacy.

In the latest move, Facebook is looking to drop its voting system that allows users to approve changes to the terms of service. This has been in effect since 2009.

Panic Buying Hits Facebook
Panic Buying Hits Facebook

It seems that democracy in the electronic world can be a tough thing. Facebook found that the voting system gave too much emphasis to “the quantity of comments over their quality.”

Well, many folks think this is a cop out. The Center for Digital Democracy and the Electronic Privacy Information Center have sent a letter of protest to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It says he’s clearly violating users’ privacy rights and this may actually be illegal. The letter also raises concerns about how Facebook plans to combine the data from its core social network with Instagram.

Despite all this, it looks like users really don’t care much about the voting system. During the summer, only 342,632 of them cast a vote. This is down from 665,654 in 2009, when the user base was just 200 million.

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