Virtu Financial IPO: Trading Firm Could Raise Up to $361M

Apr 6, 2015, 11:11 am EDT

Virtu Financial, a high-frequency trading firm, could raise up to $361 million in its IPO. Source: Virtu Financial

According to a filing with the SEC, the Virtu Financial IPO will include $16.5 million Class A shares. The company is looking to sell the shares at prices between $17 and $19 a piece, meaning they could reach a vale of $314 million.

However, the Virtu Financial IPO also includes an option to sell an additional 2.5 million shares, which could bring the total raised to $361 million. Co-founder Vincent Viola will maintain control of the company through Class D stock, which will have more voting power than normal stock. Read 

IPOs: The Best New Stocks From Q1

Apr 2, 2015, 2:14 pm EDT
IPOs: The Best New Stocks From Q1

2014’s boom in initial public offerings did not carry over into 2015. At all.

2014 broke 2000’s record with 288 IPOs, at a total volume of $94.8 billion. So far in 2015, we’ve seen only 29 new stocks come to market. They’ve performed well, with an average total return of about 15%, but we’re still nowhere near on pace to meet 2014’s number of IPOs.

Why the slowdown? I recently went over them at length, but in short: Read 

Everything You Need to Know About the GoDaddy IPO (GDDY)

Mar 31, 2015, 2:08 pm EDT
Everything You Need to Know About the GoDaddy IPO (GDDY)

UPDATE (4/1): GoDaddy sold 22 million shares at $20 each, above the $17-$19 price range. So far in Wednesday’s trading, GDDY stock is up 30% to $26.

GoDaddy Inc (NYSE:GDDY), a top Internet services company, expects to start trading tomorrow. The deal should provide some excitement for the IPO market, which has been fairly boring this year.

Consider that there have been only 29 deals in 2015, and only one was a cloud operator, Box Inc (NYSE:BOX), which happens to be one of the best performing IPOs so far, up almost 38% from it’s initial price of $14. Read 

6 New Stocks For This Week as Activity Perks Up

Mar 23, 2015, 12:57 pm EDT
6 New Stocks For This Week as Activity Perks Up

Last week’s activity with new stock was fairly lackluster as only two deals came to the market. One was National Commerce Corp (NASDAQ:NCOM), a regional bank in Birmingham, Alabama. The stock gained about 11%. Source: Flickr

Then there was the offering for Steadymed Ltd (NASDAQ:STDY), a biotech operator focused on pulmonary arterial hypertension. But the IPO was not so good as the stock increased a mere 1%.

As for the current week, it looks like the activity in new stocks will increase, somewhat. There are six deals on the calendar, including a holdover from last week, Valeritas Inc (VLRX). Read 

GoDaddy IPO Price Pegs GDDY Stock at $17-$19

Mar 19, 2015, 11:35 am EDT

GoDaddy Inc. amended its S-1 filing on Thursday, and the web domain and hosting company is looking to fetch a value around $2.8 billion in its debut. The GoDaddy IPO price range was set between $17 and $19 per share; 22 million shares of GDDY stock will be offered and traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

At the high end of its range, GoDaddy would raise almost $420 million.

GoDaddy is mostly known in pop culture for its older Super Bowl commercials, which often featured scantily clad women or NASCAR driver Danica Patrick … or Danica Patrick herself being scantily clad. Read 

4 Reasons Why IPOs Have Hit a Wall

Mar 18, 2015, 7:00 pm EDT
4 Reasons Why IPOs Have Hit a Wall

Going into 2015, there was giddy optimism that the market for IPOs would remain strong. But so far, things have not turned out so well. According to Renaissance Capital, only 28 IPOs have come to market, down about 40% from the same period in 2014. Source: ©

What’s going on?

Well, one reason is the wrenching volatility in the overall equities markets. In such an environment, investors tend to avoid risky plays like IPOs. Read 

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