Ferrari IPO: All the Details About the RACE Offering

Oct 12, 2015, 4:04 pm EDT

Ferrari has announced plans to launch its initial public offering (IPO) with the ticker symbol RACE.

The Italian luxury vehicle company will make its debut in the New York Stock Exchange with a $10 billion valuation within the next few months.

Parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCAM) will set a price of $48 to $52 per Ferrari share and will sell about 10% of the company in the IPO. Read 

First Data and Albertsons Lead 4 New Stocks to Watch

Oct 12, 2015, 12:55 pm EDT
First Data and Albertsons Lead 4 New Stocks to Watch

Even though the overall markets were on fire last week, the enthusiasm for new stocks was not so robust. Actually, underwriters had to substantially cut back on their pricings just to get deals done — except for the Pure Storage (PSTG) offering. Despite this, the average returns were still not so hot, at about 9% or so.

As for the upcoming week, the calendar is fairly light, which should be no surprise. Yet there are two deals that could raise over $4.6 billion, which include First Data and Albertsons.

Although, if the markets continue to rally, these offerings certainly have a good chance of getting traction. What’s more, First Data and Albertsons are certainly strong operators. Read 

Pure Storage IPO Looks as Grim as Other Tech Offerings

Oct 7, 2015, 3:10 pm EDT
Pure Storage IPO Looks as Grim as Other Tech Offerings

Pure Storage (PSTG) may be a darling in Silicon Valley. But Wall Street isn’t showing much enthusiasm for the company’s IPO. So far in early trading, Pure Storage stock is down about 4.5%.

All in all, this is a clear sign that tech deals will likely face serious headwinds for the rest of the year.

Founded in 2009, Pure Storage is a top provider of all-flash storage systems. Though more expensive than traditional solutions, this company’s offerings also offer much more performance. Read 

Biotechs and Unicorn Lead This Week’s New Stocks

Oct 5, 2015, 12:40 pm EDT
Biotechs and Unicorn Lead This Week’s New Stocks

Last week was horrific for new stocks. Among the five companies that pulled off their deals, all suffered at least a 19% cut from the midpoints according to Renaissance Capital. No doubt, the recent market volatility has taken a toll on new stocks. Source: ©

Despite this, it is important for investors to keep in mind that the current harsh environment is likely to provide some nice opportunities for those looking at new stocks.

Let’s face it, if a company can do an initial public offering right now, it must be a quality operator, right? Besides, the valuation should be fairly reasonable. Read 

IPO Watch: Best New Stocks of Q3

Oct 1, 2015, 12:40 pm EDT
IPO Watch: Best New Stocks of Q3

Whenever there is a spike in volatility, the market for new stocks always gets hit particularly hard. This time around has been no different. For the most part, the initial public offering market has gotten off to a very slow start.

But this does not mean that things are hopeless.

Keep in mind that conditions can change quickly — and the result can spike interest in new stocks. What’s more, for the third quarter, there are a variety of large, high-quality companies prepping IPOs. Read 

Ferrari IPO Could Launch This Friday

Sep 30, 2015, 12:30 pm EDT

Fiat Chrysler’s (FCAU) Ferrari IPO could happen as early as this Friday after a year of talk about it. Source: Auto Car India

News that the Ferrari IPO, which could be worth $1 billion, could occur as soon as Friday comes from unnamed sources. It’s also possible that pricing for the IPO will start in mid-October. The IPO was first heard of in October 2014 after a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, reports Business Insider.

The new Ferrari IPO will be for a company that isn’t just focused on cars, but will also include luxury goods. The shares will be traded on the New York Stock Exchange alongside Fiat Chrysler shares. Legally, the company can’t start its IPO until Oct. 13 due to the recent merger of Fiat and Chrysler, NBC News notes. Read 

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