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stock market predictions and insightIn order to be a successful investor, you must understand the market and what is going on.

Because the market is an organic institution, change is constant and variables are always evolving. So if Company A does X, how does that affect rival companies B and C? Our advisors give their takes on what is going on in the economy and how events shake the markets for different stocks and sectors.

Gadgets, Smartphones & Tech

Wednesday Apple Rumors: iPhone 5c Production May Stop in 2015

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include stock jumps in Taiwan over sapphire rumors, hidden capabilities of iPhones and iPhone 5c production rumors. Read Article

Hot Stocks

Biggest Movers in Financial Stocks Now – FCNCA BFR PRI FRC

Financial stocks rose broadly on Wall Street today, with the sector seeing an overall increase of 0.1%. Read Article

Market Outlook

Money & Politics

CGI Group, Firm That Botched Obamacare Site, Gets $4.87M Extension

CGI Group, the IT firm that botched the Obamacare rollout and launch, was awarded a $4 million contract extension through March 31. Read Article

Weird Street

‘Poo Bus’: Bio-Bus That Runs on Waste Begins Service

The first 'poo bus' in Britain, which runs on biomethane gas produced from sewage and wasted food, has started taking passengers. Read Article