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stock market predictions and insightIn order to be a successful investor, you must understand the market and what is going on.

Because the market is an organic institution, change is constant and variables are always evolving. So if Company A does X, how does that affect rival companies B and C? Our advisors give their takes on what is going on in the economy and how events shake the markets for different stocks and sectors.

Gadgets, Smartphones & Tech

Tuesday Apple Rumors: iPhone 6s Reservations Start in Other Countries

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include the release of a new iOS 9.1 beta, a fix for the App Thinning feature in iOS 9.0.2 and more. Read Article

Money & Politics

CFTC Makes It Official: Bitcoin is a Commodity

Traders have had their Satoshis in a bundle for years wondering whether they could rade Bitcoin legally. Now we have an official answer. Read Article

Weird Street

Eating a Burger King Black Whopper Causes a ‘Colorful’ Side Effect

The Burger King Black Whopper has an unexpected side effect after it's been eaten due to its black buns made with A.1. sauce. Read Article