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What is a Securities Investment?

Loosely defined, a security in the world of finance is an instrument representing financial value. Securities can be categorized as debt, equity or derivative securities and can be represented through a certificate or non-certificated book entry form. These certificates entitle the holder to rights under the security and can include shares of stock, mutual funds... More 

What are Bonds?

Bonds are, in essence, a type of investment that allows a business to generate enough cash to pay for the supplies, equipment, etc., necessary to keep the company growing. When a business decides to issue bonds, it is borrowing money from investors and agreeing to pay them back interest at set intervals for a certain... More 

Investing in Stock Picks

So, you’ve done your research, you know the terminology of the investing game, and now you feel like you’re ready to jump headfirst into your first couple of stock picks. What now? Picking the right stocks is essential if you are interested in making your investment venture a lucrative one, and one of the ways... More 

What is a ETF Investment?

If you’re a novice investor, an ETF investment – or more commonly referred to as exchange-traded fund – is a good first step. These types of funds are favored by investors because of their convenience, simplicity and low cost – so they are a great option for new investors looking to start a portfolio. An... More 

Become an Effective Investor

At InvestorPlace, our goal is to provide world-class investment and financial advice. One of the ways we strive to do that is by providing you with the information you need to become an educated financial leader. If you are looking to become an effective investor, arming yourself with knowledge about topics like stocks, bonds and... More 

5 Spring Cleaning Investing Tips

Stock market investing tips are good for any season, but now's a great time for investors to do some spring cleaning. More