Alternative Energy Stocks: It’s Good to Go Green!

by Louis Navellier | April 30, 2008 5:28 am

Sure we’ve all heard of white-collar employees and blue-collar employees, but what about green-collar employees?

These are the employees out there who work for companies that are willing to get their hands dirty for the sake of helping the planet as well as making money.

They include the millions of potential workers that install solar panels, weatherize homes, brew biofuels, build hybrid cars and erect giant wind turbines.

These green-collar employees work for a new outburst of alternative energy, or “green” companies that are bringing in major amounts of, well, green stuff.

Doing our part to improve the planet isn’t a new idea, but with hybrid cars and big-name companies bragging about what they’re doing to contribute to the movement, alternative energy has certainly has picked up in speed and effort. In fact, the movement is going global.

Green Stocks for a Greener Portfolio

Everybody from Europe to China is “cleaning up” their act in hopes of promoting a good self image while doing the right thing by their air, water and land. With “green” companies bringing in very nice amounts of profit lately this means that not only is the U.S. benefiting from the trend but so are countries abroad.

And, who’s to say it’s just a trend? I’m no dummy. When I see a good trend I look at the big picture and see just how a “trend” can turn into a “hot sector” where my investors can profit.

It came as no surprise to me that “going green” had such a positive effect on several alternative energy stocks in the market.

Long before Al Gore was out there winning Nobel Peace prizes while telling us ways in which we could improve the environment, my stock-rating database, PortfolioGrader Pro[1], was popping up with excellent environment-friendly stocks. I’m currently recommending stocks like…


First Solar Inc. (FSLR[2]) and Constellation Energy (CEG[3]) in my Blue Chip Growth[4] newsletter to take advantage of this green trend.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to do your part for the environment, you’re certainly doing your part for your portfolio by investing in these “green” stocks. I’ve recommended earth-friendly stocks in my Emerging Growth[5] letter as well. These stocks tend to be highly successful because they’re finding ways to substitute limited resources like oil for unlimited resources like air to create power.

Take Manitowoc (MTW[6]) for example. A few months ago this crane company, which lifts turbines to create solar energy posted a 65 cent per-share profit, up from 41 cents the preceding year. PortfolioGrader Pro[1] rated it as an A stock then, and it continues to rate it as such now. As long as the demand for renewable energy continues, Manitowoc’s stock will advance to higher ground.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know doing the right thing for the planet isn’t always the easiest route to take. Also, not every eco-friendly company out there is going to be able to provide you with the best profits. Personally I’m more interested in doing the right thing by my investors and then making sure I’m taking care of the land they walk on!

That’s why if you subscribe to any of my newsletters (Global Growth[7], Quantum Growth[8], Blue Chip Growth[9] or Emerging Growth[10]) I’ll bring you not only the back story of the companies I’m recommending and selling each week, but also why they’re going to be the best buys in order for your portfolio to grow.

In the spirit of our recently passed Earth Day, I must admit though that it is nice to know that by owning shares of an eco-friendly company, you’re helping not only your wallet, but the world as whole!

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