Monday Apple Rumors: It’s a Whole New Mac

by Anthony John Agnello | August 22, 2011 1:29 pm

Here are your daily Apple news items and rumors for Monday:

Mac: The Next Generation: Despite the fact the ultra-thin line of MacBook Air laptops has enjoyed two hardware revisions and unprecedented success in the past 12 months, it appears Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL[1]) thinks those devices aren’t enough of a presence in the traditional computer market. A new rumor originating at and reprinted at Apple Insider said Apple is preparing an entirely new line of Macs[2], and those machines might hit the market as soon as this fall. These new machines will be “absolutely different from current products,” according to an anonymous source within Apple’s Asian supply chain. So different, in fact, that they might end up using an entirely new brand other than “Mac.” This would fall in line with previous rumors that Apple might release a new touchscreen-based Mac[3] with an adjustable screen, bringing its PC business and its handhelds like the iPhone and iPad closer together in terms of functionality.

Google and Apple Up, BlackBerry Down: Research firm the NPD Group released its report on the U.S. smartphone market during the second quarter[4], and the results look a whole lot like the first quarter. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG[5]) cemented its role as the leading platform holder, with 52% of all smartphones sold during the quarter using the Android operating system. Apple saw a small boost to 29% of all phones sold. Bad news for Research in Motion (NASDAQ:RIMM[6]), though, as BlackBerry phones accounted for just 11% of all smartphone sales. Microsoft‘s (NASDAQ:MSFT[7]) Windows and HewlettPackard‘s (NYSE:HPQ[8]) webOS systems accounted for 5% of sales apiece.

Lenovo Doesn’t Fear the iPad: PC manufacturer Lenovo is just one of the technology companies watching the iPad erode its business in 2011. CEO Yang Yuanquing isn’t worried, though. Speaking in a Financial Times report (via All Things Digital), Yuanquing believes Apple’s domination of the consumer portable PC market through the iPad will be short-lived. The reason for this is the device’s high price. “Apple only covers the top tier. With a $500 price you cannot go to the small cities, townships, low salary class, (and) low income class.” Lenovo plans to combat the iPad with a line of Android- and Windows-based tablets.

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