6 Industrial Stocks Polluting Your Portfolio

by Louis Navellier | October 20, 2011 9:10 am

smokestack industrial manufacture plant 185[1]It should be no surprise to anyone that manufacturing stocks aren’t what they used to be. Weak consumer spending has caused a big reduction in demand for many goods — and the lion’s share of cheap products in America are made in Asia, not by publicly traded stocks in the West.

Throw in the difficult credit markets and the high capital cost of manufacturing plants and machinery and you can see why many manufacturing stocks are in deep trouble.

I watch more than 5,000 publicly traded companies with my Portfolio Grader[2] tool, ranking companies by a number of fundamental and quantitative measures. This week, I present to you 6 industrial stocks to sell.

Here they are, in alphabetical order. Each one of these stocks gets a “D” or “F” according to my research, meaning it is a “sell” or “strong sell.”

Ingersoll-Rand (NYSE:IR[3]) works with products, services and solutions that enhance the comfort of air in homes and buildings, transport, commercial properties and other environments. A year-to-date decline of almost 37% has done nothing to reassure IR shareholders.

Kubota Corp. (NYSE:KUB[4]) is well-known in the industrial sector for developing farm equipment, engines and construction machinery. Year-to-date, KUB stock has dropped more than 16%.

Manitowoc Co. (NYSE:MTW[5]) manufactures capital goods for a variety of industries. MTW stock has also had a forgettable 2011, down 39% since the beginning of January.

Oshkosh Corp. (NYSE:OSK[6]) is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of a range of vehicles and vehicle bodies. OSK has not thrived at all during the last year, declining 46% since the start of 2011.

Paccar Inc. (NASDAQ:PCAR[7]) designs and manufactures trucks — in a variety of sizes — under the names Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF. PCAR stock is down 30%, year to date, compared to a loss of just .6% for the Dow.

Terex Corp. (NYSE:TEX[8]) is a global manufacturer of machinery products. Like many other industrial stocks, TEX has lost more than 56% year-to-date.

Get more analysis of these picks and other publicly-traded stocks with Louis Navellier’s Portfolio Grader[9] tool, a 100% free stock-rating tool that measures both quantitative buying pressure and eight fundamental factors.

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