Pullback in CERN Makes it a Steal

by Sam Collins | October 21, 2011 8:08 am

Cerner Corp. (NASDAQ:CERN[1]) — This leading supplier of health care information technology is in a powerful bull channel that began last November.

Analysts expect revenues to increase 14% in 2011, and they expect similar results in 2012. S&P recently upgraded their opinion to a “four-star buy” recommendation with a target of $80. They estimate a three-year earnings growth rate of 24%.

CERN made a new high in September at over $74. The recent pullback to under $66 appears to be an excellent price to purchase shares of this high-growth investment as a long-term hold or a trade to $75.

Trade of the Day – Cerner Corp. (NASDAQ:CERN)
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