5 Huge Ways Kraft Has Reduced Waste

by InvestorPlace Staff | January 31, 2012 1:31 pm

Ah, the fruits of green.

Kraft Foods (NYSE:KFT[1]) says it has cut net waste from its manufacturing plants by 42%[2] overall from 2005 levels (measured in kg of waste per ton of production).

Here are 5 of the initiatives behind the success:

• Kraft cheese plants in New York offset about 30% of their natural gas needs by turning whey waste from cheese making into fuel via anaerobic digesters.

• Employees at the Allentown (Pa.) plant reached their zero-waste goal in 2010 through recycling, reuse and raised awareness.

• The Columbia (Mo.) plant diverts 1,600 tons of waste each year from landfills to the city’s composting program, which turns it into compost for local residents’ landscaping needs.

• The New Ulm (Mo.) plant has slashed its waste by 40% over the past four years.

• The Suffolk (Va.) plant has reduced waste to landfills by more than 50% since 2006 and is now zero-waste since the remaining solid waste is sent to a local waste-to-energy generator.

More on Kraft’s sustainability campaign here[3].

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