$100 Million Opening for The Hunger Games?

by InvestorPlace Staff | March 2, 2012 2:10 pm

Those who have seen Thursday’s survey data, used by Hollywood executives to determine pre-release interest for various films, have said that Lions Gate Entertainment’s (NYSE:LGF[1]) brand new movie “The Hunger Games” could have an opening weekend that could bring in over $100 million domestically.

More consumers rated “The Hunger Games” as their number one movie choice over any other movie released in the next four weeks — a rating generally reserved for films whose release dates are much closer to the time the surveys are taken.

To some, it’s no surprise that this film franchise has massive money-making potential. Much like Time Warner’s (NYSE:TWX[2]) “Harry Potter” film franchise and “The Twilight Saga” (owned by Summit Entertainment until it was acquired by Lions Gate in January), “The Hunger Games” started out as a book series that was widely popular among teenagers — a fruitful recipe being used by Hollywood to create some of the most successful film franchises over the past decade.

However, while the “Twilight” film franchise, for example, has made nearly $1.1 billion domestically, there’s one major difference between an audience who consumes vampire romance and an audience interested in seeing a utopian future. The difference is gender.

While consumers of dreamy blood-suckers are mostly women, the survey shows that a significant number of men are just as interested in seeing “The Hunger Games” as the women who want to watch the film.

“The Hunger Games” has already broken Fandango’s record for most first-day online ticket sales, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot more record breaking was to come from this movie in the future.

“The Hunger Games” will be in theaters Mar 23.

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— Andrew Lander, InvestorPlace @andrewlander[5]

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