5 Highest-Maintenance Dog Breeds

by Angela Nazworth | April 4, 2012 11:31 am

Dogs. They’re jam-packed with all the attributes that make up a true BFF: fun, social, loyal … forgiving. But according to a recent list compiled by vetSTREET[1], some breeds resemble that buddy of yours who keeps you on your toes. You know … the one who eats your food, leaves dirty dishes in your sink and calls you at 3 a.m. at least twice a week.

Here’s a brief look at five of vetSTREET’s 10 dog breeds that require extra attention.

  1. Yorkshire Terrier: With its luxurious coat, the delightfully spunky and purse-friendly Yorkie is the epitome of a diva or divo dog. Even a Yorkie with a short clip requires frequent brushing, bathing and routine trips to a professional groomer.
  2. Labrador Retriever: Arguably the most popular dog breed in America (even before Marley[2]), labs are well-known for their boundless energy. That high-octane characteristic is precisely what landed this lovable K-9 in high-maintenance list. That, and the fact that Labs are prone to hip dysplasia[3].
  3. Poodle: Perhaps the most glamorous of all dogs, the Poodle’s — standard, toy, miniature or teacup — curly mane requires a lot of care. Also, that  rumor about Poodles being hypoallergenic? Not true.
  4. Jack Russell Terrier: Jack Russells often are recognized for being smart. They’re also incredibly high-strung. If not kept busy, these adorable pups will release their energy in destructive ways. Jack Russells are also prone to neuromuscular disorders[4].
  5. German Shorthaired Pointer: This strong, energetic hunting dog requires daily doses of aerobic activity. If you’re a long-distance runner or extreme hiker, the German Shorthaired Pointer might be your perfect companion dog.

You can read the full list — complete with adorable pictures — at vetSTREET.com[5]. Do you think that these breeds are given a bad rap? Are there breeds that should have made the list? Let us know.

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