Cities With Most (and Least) Green Car Shoppers

by Christopher Freeburn | April 20, 2012 1:03 pm

Environmentally friendly vehicles are very popular with politicians right now. Consumers, however, have been somewhat slower to embrace such vehicles, which tend to cost more.

Online car-buying resource provider surveyed data from its website[1] to determine which U.S. cities have the largest and smallest numbers of eco-friendly car buyers.

It determined the rankings by calculating the number and location of users who performed searches for vehicles that get more than 40 miles per gallon.

Not surprisingly, California car shoppers were the most interested in fuel-efficient, green vehicles. Southerners, by contrast, expressed the least interest in such vehicles.

Here are’s lists of the cities with the most and least interest in green cars:

Top 10 Cities with the Largest Number Green Car Shoppers:

  1. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, Calif.
  2. Madison, Wis.
  3. Monterey-Salinas, Calif.
  4. Portland, Ore.
  5. San Diego, Calif.
  6. Green Bay-Appleton, Wis.
  7. Santa Maria-Santa Barbara-San Luis Obispo, Calif.
  8. Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, Calif.
  9. Chico-Redding, Calif.
  10. Zanesville, Ohio

Top 10 Cities with the Smallest Numbers of Green Car Shoppers:

  1. Odessa-Midland, Texas/N.M.
  2. Laredo, Texas
  3. Fairbanks, Alaska
  4. Albany, Ga.
  5. Bluefield-Beckley-Oakhill, Va./W. Va.
  6. Glendive, Mont.
  7. Helena, Mont.
  8. Columbus-Tupelo-West Point, Ala./Miss.
  9. Casper-Riverton, Wyo.
  10. Baton Rouge, La.

For’s eco-friendly vehicle recommendations for 2012, click here[2].

  1. surveyed data from its website:
  2. click here:

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