Former NFL Great Warren Sapp Files for Bankruptcy

by InvestorPlace Staff | April 9, 2012 9:53 am

Warren Sapp is nothing if not attention-grabbing, even in bankruptcy.

The retired seven-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in South Florida and owes more than $6.7 million. And found in the filing: a listing of assets that includes enough Air Jordans to shoe a school.

According to the Associated Press[1], Sapp lists 240 pairs of Jordan shoes worth about $6,500 among his $6.45 million in assets. Also included are a watch worth $2,250 and a lion skin rug listed at $1,200.

Sapp currently owes more than $6.7 million to creditors and family, according to the bankruptcy filing, and makes about $115,881 per month split among several sources, the AP reports. He currently is an analyst with NFL Network, though his contract expires in August.

Sapp played for title teams at both the collegiate and pro levels, including the 1991-92 University of Miami national championship team and Super Bowl XXXVII winner Tampa Bay in 2002-03. He’s a four-time first-team All-Pro, won top defensive player honors in 1999 and is on both the 1990s and 2000s All-Decade Teams.

However, Sapp also had a fairly tumultuous career, including a number of run-ins with teammates, opposing teams and refs. He also was arrested in 2010 on domestic battery charges, which later were dropped.

Sapp joins Dennis Rodman[2] and Allen Iverson[3] among notable athletes to go broke recently.

— Kyle Woodley, InvestorPlace Assistant Editor

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