Nike Unveils New 2012 NFL Uniforms

by InvestorPlace Staff | April 4, 2012 9:08 am

Nike (NYSE:NKE[1]) on Tuesday unveiled its new uniforms for the National Football League’s 2012 season, the company’s first line since taking over Reebok’s long contract.

While many feared what Nike has done with some college uniforms[2], the company pretty much toed a careful line with the NFL, resisting any truly radical changes. A full gallery of all the uniforms, as well as other gear such as gloves, can be found on Nike’s website[3], but here’s a quick look at five of the cooler uniforms unveiled for this season:

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Tennessee Titans: Not a huge upgrade, but the Titans’ uniform still most closely resembles what you’d imagine a 2095 Laserball team would wear.

San Diego Chargers: The “sleeker” look Nike is going for works well on the Super Chargers, especially with the shoulder bolts looking not nearly as forced.

Denver Broncos: Tim Tebow won’t get a chance to rock out in the awesome orange in Denver. Again, not many changes, but the collar got an update. Denver and Seattle also both show how great things look when bright-colored gloves and cleats follow suit.

Seattle Seahawks: The ol’ Seabags are probably the biggest beneficiary of Nike’s arrival, with an aggressive new uni that (on a gaudy green basis) the hometown Sounders could appreciate.

Cleveland Browns: Smart move, Nike. You never mess with perfection.

— Kyle Woodley, InvestorPlace Assistant Editor

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