Occupy Movement to Bring May Day Protests to Wall Street

by Angela Nazworth | April 30, 2012 4:34 pm

Occupy Wall Street doesn’t want you to go to work or school tomorrow.

Instead, it’s calling for May Day to become a day of nationwide protests — or what it calls “a day without the 99%.”

In addition to asking people to ditch class and work, the movement wants the everyone to forgo all shopping, housework and banking activities as well, according to its website[1].

Among the hundreds of thousands expected to participate are members of various faith-based organizations[2].

“May Day is really going to kick off a whole series of actions that are going to go on this summer,” the Rev. John Merz, priest-in-charge at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension,  Brooklyn, N.Y. said on Occupy’s website. “There are sleeping bags in front of the (New York) Stock Exchange. There may even be attempts at various reoccupations, whether it’s Zuccotti or elsewhere.”

Occupy Wall Street has events planned in more than 125 cities[3] across the globe. To boost chances of protest success, the movement has posted  a check list for those planning to strike. The checklist also comes with guidance on what to do if you are arrested during the protest demonstrations.

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