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4 Things New Robot Vacuum Can Do Besides Clean Floors

Sure, iRobot‘s (NASDAQ:IRBT) Roomba can find its way to those coffee grounds spilled on the floor and suck them up in no time … but it can’t say “good morning.”

Now, there’s a robotic vacuum cleaner that can.

Meet Cocorobo, Sharp‘s (PINK:SHCAY) talking robotic vacuum cleaner. This roaming cleaning machine gets its name from the Japanese word for heart, “kokoro,” and it might convince its human owners that it has one.

Here are four things Cocorobo can do besides clean floors, according to The Associated Press.

  1. Converse: Cocorobo says 36 common phrases such as “hello,” “so good” and “long time no see.” It can also follow simple commands like “clean room.”
  2. Speak Three Languages: Not only can Cocorobo talk, it speaks English, Japanese and Chinese.
  3. Take Pictures: Cocorobo comes with a camera that can not only snap pictures, but can send those photos to its human’s cell phone.
  4. Find Missing Objects: The camera in Cocorobo can be used to help owners find loose change and missing objects.

Cocorobo goes on sale in Japan this June, but it will be a while before it hits U.S. floors.

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